The secure Blinkup light based encoding synchronization works best in very low light levels, such as a darkened room, the face of the Pulse resting on or under your screen. It is important neither the Pulse nor screen are disturbed or handled in any way during Blinkup, as this would break the connection used to securely encode your Pulse. Screen brightness should be to maximum and the Pulse directly against the screen. Please note that if you are using a device that has power saving features that activate in less than a minute these features may need to be deactivated.

Okay, let's go!

Plug your Pulse into a standard outlet using the supplied cable and power supply to activate it.

When you plug in your Pulse One, it will immediately enter into pairing mode and the LED will begin flashing yellow gently. To prevent light pollution, your device will only remain in pairing mode for 60 seconds, turning green and then going dark. It is still powered on.

Enter / re-enter pairing mode by pressing the Pulse reset button, in the round port next to the micro-USB input. The device should immediately go back to flashing yellow gently.

Use the instructions that came with your Pulse One to login to your pulse account and sync the device using your available 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network (it is not recommended to use other network frequencies with Pulse devices and most iOT items.)

When this process completes successfully, you will see the LED glow green for 3 seconds, then flashing red, yellow, and finally green, followed by the lights shutting off completely.

Done correctly, your Pulse will now display on your account / Pulse app dashboard, and will transmit data every 60 seconds. Make sure you explore the app after this! There are a lot of interesting features we're sure you can help you.

If the Pulse doesn't to connect to the wireless network, the LED will flash red three times or four times and will not flash green. Occasionally there are WiFi network issues that can cause it to fail on an attempt to connect, suggest as trying to connect to a  frequency other than 2.4GHz. If this occurs we recommend running this process from the beginning multiple times before contacting support, making sure to clear the Pulse device configuration (you'll find this on the BlinkUp screen) before each attempt.