The Pulse device connects to your WiFi by using light to flash the information on to the circuit. This process covers using the blink up part of the Pulse app to clear the previous WiFi configuration and then enter the new info to connect with. 

Let's go!

The BlinkUp process for connecting your Pulse works best in low light levels, such as a somewhat dark room, the face of the Pulse resting on or under your screen.

It is important neither the Pulse nor screen are disturbed or handled in any way during Blinkup, as this would break the connection used to securely encode your Pulse. Screen brightness should be at maximum, set to portrait mode if a phone or tablet, and the Pulse directly against the screen. If you are using a device that has power saving features that activate in less than a few minutes, screen timeout features may need to be deactivated during this process.

On to the fun part!

If you have batteries in your Pulse, please remove them before you continue.

Plug your Pulse into a standard outlet using the supplied cable and power supply to activate it. 

When you plug in your previously connected Pulse, it will immediately try to connect using the old wifi info. If that network is off or out of range, you will only see blinking red. 

Your device will only remain in this mode for moment before going dark. It is still powered on.

Open the Pulse app on your phone / tablet / computer and tap on "Dashboard". At the very bottom of your dashboard, tap the blue button with the "+" plus sign on it, this will take you to the blink up utility in the app.

Enter the new Wifi info you require to connect. (2.4ghz networks only) and press the round refresh at the top of the screen. Verify the data is still correct on the screen. Make note of the red "Clear Configuration" button at the bottom of the screen.

Going back to your Pulse device, press the reset button on the Pulse gently, it is in the round port next to the micro-USB power input. The device will again try to connect.

In the app, tap "Clear Configuration" and a countdown will begin. Make sure the face of your screen and the face of the device are in uninterrupted contact during this short blink up. For best results, we suggest the Pulse be on a solid surface, such as a desk, phone resting face on it it while blinking.

Done correctly, your Pulse will now blink yellow when you hit reset / plug it in. Repeat this process until your Pulse device is back to blinking yellow like this.

Go back to the blink up screen in the Pulse app and verify your WiFi credentials after refreshing the screen.

Reset the Pulse device one more time, it should be blinking yellow.

Tap the bright blue "Start Blinkup" button and get the screen and device face to face, hands free if possible. This part will take up to a minute of blinking, make sure your screen won't dim, and you are in range of the 2.4ghz WiFi network you want to connect to.

I just a moment or two, your device will again display on your account / Pulse app dashboard, and will transmit data every 60 seconds. You may wish to review your device settings in the app at this time. 

Happy growing!

If the Pulse doesn't can't authenticate the WiFi info blinked onto it, the LED will flash red and will NOT flash green. There are only a few issues that can cause it to fail to connect:
- trying to connect to a frequency other than 2.4GHz
- the network is too far away / there is interference
- the login credentials are incorrect